Corporate Video

We Capture have been producing high quality corporate videos for over a decade now, we are one of only a few who really grasped the online video space very early on and are now considered experts in our field.

Animated Explainer Videos

Sometimes with difficult to understand concepts and products an animated explainer video is the perfect asset to help you communicate your message more clearly, our portfolio speaks for itself.

Other Video Related Services

We are always looking out for added value services to compliment our high quality video production service, we have analytics, video SEO, PR strategy, and many other options to make your video a success.

We are a team of experts in our profession trained at the likes of the BBC and Sky with a passion for video. We decided to pool our talents together to better serve a wider range of clients and build a quality business on the back of our valuable in demand skills. Simply contact us to get the ball rolling, we know you won’t regret it.
While we are ultimately video people, we are also in tune with technology in general from web applications to online digital marketing, it’s one of the same family and we are big believers in utilising digital where possible. We can help you promote your video in ways other companies just do not understand, we keep this under wraps to some degree but have some stunning case studies to show you.
Our world class customer service is not something we leave to chance, we decided early on that this would be another huge differentiating factors in our service to our clients and it has meant much more work via referrals and keeps everyone happy on the job, we have a strict process for employing people and any moody or rude folk simply dont make the cut!

Why Choose Us

  • We are great to work with and very professional
  • Our work speaks for itself
  • We understand communication and marketing
  • Our prices are affordable
  • We deliver great results every time

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