We all want to be praised….but is that all we want from our video?

There is a train of thought by the good man himself, Oscar Wilde, that states “The only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about.”

So with this in mind I bring you to a question related to the desirable outcomes of having video produced for your businesses promotion efforts.

What do you really want to achieve with your video(s)?

The answer in many cases will be very very simple…Increased sales.

Not a bad answer, and makes total sense when you pay hard earned cash for good quality video.

But, how will that ultimate goal of increased sales and ROI be achieved and is that all that video can do for your business?

Could the value proposition be expanded into areas that are perhaps less considered we take a look at a few areas that are less obvious…

Improve external communication:

Video can help your business communicate hard to understand concepts to an audience unfamiliar with your product or service, done correctly,this will increase the overall positive feeling towards your company when compared to competitors.

Outcome: Good chance of increased sales.

Improve internal communication:

Maybe your board has changed and you are implementing sweeping changes to your company or maybe you just want to show how much you appreciate your staff with a thank you message that highlights your collective achievement, high quality video will show that you care and.

Outcome: Good chance of employer retention, cost savings associated.

Provide your company with an asset worth sharing:

Are you social? If you are in a business that in any way has embraced technology in the last few years and the internet especially, then you will almost definitely be looking at social media as a conduit to reach out to a new audience.

So what have you learned from “being social”?
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  • If you share video contained in a high quality article or a tweet or update, you have a good chance, if done well, that it will be shared wider than you ever hoped…for free.

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  • Video is a great asset to have on your website and share socially, and if it ticks boxes for your audience you may have found a new friend who will add you on facebook, twitter and other social media outlets, for them to do promoting on your behalf in the future.

Outcome: Good chance of building social relationships with your brand or company and an increased ability to spread your message wider when you communicate online.

Video is your 24/7 – 365 sales pitch perfected:

So as you can see there is more at play than meets the eye where video is concerned, but let us return to sales again.

If you had the chance of sending a great salesperson directly in front of anyone who requested to learn more about your company, you would not be able to do this, so your only alternative is to ensure that same level of pitch is delivered via your readily available video.

Outcome: 24/7 perfect sales pitch or communication tool.


In summary video reaches parts that text and images do not, it communicates in ways that are so in demand and powerful that your business is missing out if you have not started to consider it in your marketing mix.

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