How video improves your marketing and online presence:

Like social media and many other forms of marketing we do each day, it is sometimes difficult to pin point the ROI of video production….but why?

What happens when people watch video?

If people who find your video wish to learn more about your business or service then they will do one of two things as a direct result of the quality and relevance of your video:

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  • Watch, leave, forget.

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  • Watch, take action, leave positive impression, share socially.


That later part is obviously what we all want to achieve and it is this part that needs to be analysed a little further to learn why someone would decide to call, book, contact or share your video, or simply be pleased with your video….perhaps to come back later as a direct result.

Quality of video is delivered in a few ways:

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  • 1 – Narrative (what is the story)
  • 2 – Pitch (are you pitching your video to the wrong market in your narrative)
  • 3 – Quality of audio (music and recorded sound)
  • 4 – Visuals (does your video make you look cheap or exclusive, and which one do you wish to be seen as…not always obvious!)
  • 5 – Calls To Action (are there appropriate calls to action or are these not as relevant due to a more softly softly approach within your video)
  • 6 – Video SEO (has Video SEO been taken into consideration as a means of obtaining regular high value traffic from search results contained in the “blended results” for Google and other search engines)


Assuming you tick the right boxes with your video, then what?

Lessons in Psychology:

Video is a great medium to convey messages, communicate more effectively and to raise your profile.

As a direct result of watching a video you may not get the call your after then and there but it all adds to the experience that a person gets when they click play.

This experience is transferred neurologically via those clever little pathways to the brain and your message either gets a positive tick or a negative tick….which would you prefer?
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