Video Production To Tell A Story:

Video has so much to offer businesses large and small, and right now I am astounded by the level of interest that businesses 4 years ago would have discounted as “something for later”.

Yes, the time is right for video to be part of your marketing mix, you can be your bottom dollar that your competitors are also thinking about how they can use video to their advantage, so first mover advantage is all for the taking in many sectors.

However there still appears to be some inertia for the uptake of web video despite the huge benefits I keep banging on about in my rather animated articles on We Capture.

So without further ado, here is another massive reason why your business needs to incorporate video to improve your sales.


No one really understands you business…

You have marketed yourself online in various ways, gained some positive feedback from clients that you already have relationships with….but…

When you look at your analytics you are getting decent traffic, but the leads are dry and the sales are slow…what is going on?

Potential issues:

When we run businesses we tend to forget just what our value proposition is and that others are potentially not aware of the really important facts that make your product or service head over heels more useful/cost effective etc than your competitors, what is more, people often underestimate the time you have to capture a persons attention.

Or, you have something that is so far out in terms of concepts that you overlook the most important issue that your potential clients have no real idea of what you do!


What you really need is a fantastic team of salespeople to go out and sell; knocking on doors, pushing their way into conversations, and ensuring that your company is both heard and more importantly understood, in every corner of the globe and with a social radar that ensures that they are always where the action is, ready to pounce, and deliver that elevator pitch.

Making sure you have that expensive and omnipresent army of 24/7 sales people on tap to make sure that your company is understood, and paint you in the best possible light.

Real Opportunity:

There is an obvious issue with the above “perfect marketing solution”.

You simply can not afford to provide this in a cost effective manner, and quite frankly its nonsense.

So what can you offer in place of this highly desirable method of converting people to interested potential clients?

A Real Solution:

Ah, you beat me to it, the answer fully lies in high quality video and marketing.


Examples of how video can help you sell more effectively while you are asleep!

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  • Web users demand video, they can not be bothered reading around random websites, they just want to click play.
  • Your viewers may be from the other side of the world, but your video will play 24/7 365 days a year.
  • If you were at that conference and people were walking around your expensive stand but not grasping your service or product fully and your sales staff were busy with others or simply had not engaged with these people, you just lost that prospect. Video could have been selling on your behalf just like a salesperson would, no coffee breaks, no hangovers. Always able to talk to many at once, and easy to dip into from afar for the more shy amongst us….are you getting the picture?
  • Video can be used on your website and if other people like what they see, their website too with a simple embed code….viral for nothing.
  • With our technology you can add call to action links within your video at key positions and track each click and who they were, where they came from and how long they stayed on that video.
  • YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world, are your business videos seen for terms used to find your organisation or are your competitors getting in front of new prospects? Video SEO can help dramatically.
  • Google also offers blended results which include video (sometimes visible on first page) for videos that make the grade…(complex)…do you want your video to be seen in the search results for Google? Again, Video marketing and VSEO can help achieve this.
  • There are many more reasons to start thinking video…but we want to drag this awareness campaign out juts a bit longer, so we are storing them up for another article..!


Please get in touch if you have any further questions about how we can help you create and market your business in a more powerful way through video.

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